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BZ Douglas Carnivale is everything that is right with the world.

So much fun had @ the BZ Douglas Carnivale this Saturday, not to mention that I emerged as the victor of the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament!
Got to lay down some lead over a few of BZ’s songs as well as play a few songs of my own, but enuf about me…

I dunno where BZ found this DB Reilly guy but his stuff was highly entertaining and moving I thought. At first he was just cracking me up and then I was struck by how profound many of his words were.

Really enjoyed Tim Warner’s set.. His jokes centering around the idea of Twitter & Facebook existing thru all points in time had me dying, particularly the one about Jesus’ last supper.

What about Michelle Leona? Pretty original ideas I thought, I think she is on the way to creating something pretty fine (and the more artists I come across with loop stations the more I wanna get one). I enjoyed her lyrics a lot, unique subject matter & delivery are the two things that really get me liking any vocal musical artist I get into.

I dunno about you, but I am in love with the Carnivale. There isn’t anything else like this out there that sustains the fun for so long. You check in @ 8PM and then it’s on till whenever you decide to leave, music, games, comedy, drinking, food… if you could just find a way to have a hockey game on you’d have just about everything I love BZ! Lolz…..

Looking forward to next month.

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